Application Library

1,000+ new applications are being built and deployed every day by customers and Kintone

This is our library of template applications to help you get started building your custom apps instantly. Once you create your account, these apps will be available for you to use, completely free and totally customizable.

Sales CRM Pack

Share your sales leads and your team’s feedback to help close the deal quickly.

Project Management Pack

This pack allows you to define projects and keep track of time each team member spends for each project.

Expense Reports

Submit expense reports with photos of the receipts to receive approval for reimbursement. Reports can be easily created on the go from your mobile device to save time and prevent careless mistakes.

Document Library

A Document library app, to keep your data in order. Numerous files can be attached to each record of this app for an organized control over your documents. Use the commenting and history features of the app to keep document management under control.

Photo Report

Share photos to your team in real time from your smartphone. Some unique ways we’ve seen are sharing photos of events across the globe and tracking progress of a construction project.

Equipment Management

Experience a simple and organized facility management system and instantly find out which equipment is available.

Meeting Minutes

A simple and easy way to organize and run meetings. Track agenda, participants, decisions made and tasks assigned.

Customer Database

This app is designed to manage customer profile information. Try the Sales CRM Pack or Customer Support Pack to experience Customer Database app referencing the Sales Leads Management or Inquiries apps.

Recruiting Pack

A simple, yet highly productive way to keep track of vacancies, candidates, status, and interview notes.

Sales CRM + Support Pack

Share your sales leads and your team’s feedback to help close the deal quickly. Keep track of inquiries in an easy and productive way.


Become more efficient in creating quotes online. Save time as well as close deals faster by quickly creating and accessing quotes remotely from anywhere.


Use the Timesheets App to record accomplishments and the time you spent working on your projects. You can visually see how much time is spent on each project through live smart charts.

Biz Travel Request

This app provides the overall process to start and finish your biz trip. Start off with entering the trip dates and purpose, ask the travel desk for the estimate, ask manager for approval, receive itineraries, and report trip expenses after the trip.

Biz Trip Report

This app allows team members to share business trip reports including decisions and open actions to follow up.

Shipping Order Form

Use this app to request shipping department to manage order requests, proceed order, and track shipping status to ensure shipment on time.

Product Survey

This app helps you to collect and analyze your customers’ feedback in real time smart graphs.

Sales Leads Management

This app gives you access to updated sales leads information from real time views and charts, communicate about the leads with colleagues, as well as receive necessary reminders to follow up.


This app is designed as HR FAQ, which allow employees to find out answers about corporate wide questions. You can easily customize this app for other similar use cases like IT division services FAQ or product FAQ.

To Do

Organize and remind team members to complete assigned to do prior to the due date.

Help Desk Management

This app ensures that every inquiry from customers and partners are quickly responded and suitably addressed.

Product Ideas & Feedback

Gather ideas, feedback, and bug reports from employees and customers. This app manages when and who will handle those requests and incorporate feedback into the product.

Logo/Image/Design Cabinet

A place to manage and share authorized logos, images and designs for employees to access the latest version.

Event Scheduling

This is a simple and easy way for you to schedule an event with your team. You’ll be able see instantly what dates everyone is available to join through live charts.

Shared To Do

To Do App with Process Management feature. All tasks assigned to you can be viewed under “Assigned to me” section on the portal page. Always be organized and on time by setting up reminders and visualizing team’s progress through snazzy graphs.

Support FAQ

This app can be used by customer support to deliver questions from customers quickly.