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Kintone is a customizable workplace platform
that lets you manage your team’s data, tasks,
and communication in one central place.

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What Kintone can do for you

Centralize and organize your work

Kintone’s customizable workplace platform lets you track and share your tasks and data for effortless collaboration.

Whether it’s sales leads, customer quotes, or an employee database, you can use Kintone to track whatever data is critical for your team in one central place.

Unify your data and conversations

No more hunting through your inbox or chat messages for the information and files you need.

Kintone lets you communicate alongside your data so that you can easily refer back to it later—sometimes your team’s conversations are just as important as the data they discuss.

Simplify and customize your workflows

Kintone lets you organize your processes and tasks into intuitive workflows.

With automated reminders, approvals, and task handoffs, you can spend less time managing your work and more time focusing on what really matters.

Give your team access to their data anytime, anywhere

View, edit, and manage your data from any internet-connected device or desktop so your team can collaborate effectively without missing a beat.

Kintone Product
Introduction Video

Here’s How Kintone Works

Use drag-and-drop to create the database apps you want.

Your sales team needs a CRM app, the accounting team an expense reporting app, while marketing wants a content calendar.

Kintone lets you build business apps for any work task or process using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Choose who sees—and edits—your data for absolute accountability

Kintone’s granular permissions controls let you choose who sees what—meaning everyone can access the same data records while not always seeing the same thing.

Revision history also allows you to see any changes made for clear accountability.

Collaborate more efficiently by keeping all your communication in one place

Create custom workspaces for every team, department, or project.

Instead of trapping discussions in emails and chat messages, Kintone lets you communicate alongside your data and set up dedicated threads within each workspace to discuss specific topics or projects.

Expand Kintone’s capabilities with a wide variety of extensions

Upgrade your Kintone experience with one of many third-party integration services, including a wide selection of APIs and plugins.

Whether it’s connecting Kintone to your other systems or doing more to visualize your data, our library of extensions gives you even more options.

Solutions for any industry, role, or task

Entertainment Industry
Technical services
Real estate
Rental business
Quality Assurance
Customer Service
Admin & HR
Intellectual Property
Interaction between companies
Sales and Purchasing Management
Quotation Management
Application Services
Contact Management
Directory Management
Case Management
Billing Management
Recruitment/On-boarding Management
Sales Support
Franchise Management
Data Aggregation
File Management
Inventory Management
Attendance Management
Production Management
Daily Report / Reports
Content Management
Project Management
Form creation
Resource Management
Customer Management
Contract Management
Order Management
To-do list
VMD Management

Customer Stories

  • Church Brothers Farms Saves Hours with Kintone’s Product Database

    Church Brothers Farms Saves Hours with Kintone’s Product Database
    Jennifer Sanchez

    Church Brothers Farms is a family owned and operated company based in Salinas, CA that produces a full line of fresh vegetables year round. With a multi-generational history in the Salinas Valley, the Church family runs a vertically-integrated organization with…

  • Desert Horizons saves money, time, and peace of mind by migrating to Kintone

    Desert Horizons saves money, time, and peace of mind by migrating to Kintone
    Linda Garcia

    Desert Horizons is a private Palm Springs area gated community and HOA in the heart of Indian Wells, CA. In addition to its 510 residential homes, it boasts fine dining, tennis, fitness, manicured fairways, and beautiful landscaping. As an Administrative…

  • Oxford House Saskatchewan uses Kintone to digitize their operations

    Oxford House Saskatchewan uses Kintone to digitize their operations
    Mark Soloway

    Oxford House Saskatchewan (OHS) is a CRA-registered charitable organization that provides housing and support for individuals who have recently completed an addiction treatment program, are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and express a strong desire to continue their recovery…

  • One Speech Therapy Clinic’s Journey to a Paper-Free Workflow

    One Speech Therapy Clinic’s Journey to a Paper-Free Workflow

    MOST/DFW is a pediatric speech, occupational, and physical therapy clinic based in McKinney, TX with a mission to provide fun and functional therapy to improve the quality of life of their patients. The clinic includes around 50 employees, including an…


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Creating what you need in Kintone: 3 key steps

No matter what you create in Kintone, here’s what you can expect:

  • Create

    Build an app from scratch or use one of our 50+ templates for sales, admin, HR, and more.

    You can also upload your current spreadsheets and convert them to database apps—no coding required!

  • Use

    Once you’ve built your apps, you can track your data through custom views to see the metrics that matter most for your bottom line.

    You can even add custom workflows to effectively manage your team’s tasks.

  • Optimize

    Need to change a workflow or update the information your database app needs to track?

    Just open the drag-and-drop interface, make your changes, and relaunch the app! Optimizing takes minutes with Kintone.

Kintone Product Introduction Video