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Sales CRM + Support Pack

Combine your customer relations management and sales with this app pack. This app pack contains the Customer Database app, Inquiry Management app, Sales Leads Management app, and Support FAQ app.

Keep your customer’s information in the Customer Database app. Link inquiries and sales leads with customer database in Inquiry Management app and Sales Lead Management app. Keep your library of questions asked by the customer and its answer in the Support FAQ app.

Build a Customer Database

Create detailed records for each customer. Fill out the basic information of the customer and check each record to see the history of actions taken by the customer which are reported in the Sales Leads Management.

Keep Track of Inquiries

Create a record for each inquiry. Fill out the Contact Name field to search up customers in the Customer Database app and auto-populate the remainder of the contact information. Continue filling out basic information about the inquiry. Update the Status and write reports under the Support History section to keep track of the follow-up communication.

Keep Track of Sales Leads

Create a record for each sales lead in the Sales Leads Management app. Fill out the basic information on the sales lead in the respective field. Search for the organization name under the Contact Info section to auto-populate the customer information based on the information in the Customer Database app. Keep track of all communication regarding the lead under the Activities, and edit the status of the report to easily identify which stage the lead is in the work cycle.

Archive all Q&A

Create a library of questions and answer for topics asked by the customer in the Support FAQ app. Attach reference, other documents, and related links to the topic. Keep track of the status of the Q&A if the topic is published or not.

Start using the Sales CRM + Support Pack to ease your workload and to focus on your customer more!

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