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Shared To Do

Collaborate with your team. Create a list of tasks to finish with your team. In this team task management app create records, assign members, and attach & share files for the project.

Create Tasks

Create new records to track your task. Set a due date, and assign members to each task. Put detailed descriptions and attach documents to the record. Set reminders to never forget about the task.

Keep Track of Tasks

Keep track of all the tasks that have been worked on. View not just the tasks assigned to you but also ones that are assigned to other team members. Filter and use the views to find tasks that matter to you, and quickly show the details of each record in a format of a list.

View in-depth of each Record

Click on each record to focus in on one record. Change the status and assignee in each record and press the Status History button to show the workflow stage that the task is in.

Try the Shared To Do app for a smart team task management solution!

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