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Recruiting Pack

Use this app pack to easily manage your recruitment process, specifically job openings and applicant information. This app pack includes the Job Vacancies app and the Applicant Tracking app. Create and track your job vacancies in the Job Vacancies app and keep all candidate information in the Applicant Tracking app.

Track Job Openings

Create records for each job openings on the Job Vacancies app. Fill in each field for a detailed record and add documents to each record. See each applicant’s information on which the information is referencing the Applicants Tracking app.

Track Applicants

With the Applicant Tracking app, you can see all your applicants in one dashboard, even if they applied on different channels (Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.). The app filters these applications back to the Applicant Tracking App, where you can quickly view and sort them with your team. The app works in real-time, meaning its always up to date with your latest applicants. You can also customize the app so your forms are aligned with the recruiting process.

Try out our Recruitment Pack for an easy recruitment management solution!


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