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Shipping Order Form – An Order Management app

Itemize your orders and keep track of shipping records. Assign members to each order and keep track of your shipping by updating the status in each record. Combine order management and shipment management into one place.

Keep a Library of your Shipping Records

Keep track of all of your past Order records. Easy to see and edit format helps you find the order that you’re looking for. Use the filters and views to easily search for the records you need.

Detailed Records of your Orders

Create detailed records of your order. Break down each order into items and provide detailed information by filing out the provided fields. Set dates to organize and incorporate the shipment into your schedule.

Change the Status of Shipments

Change the status of the orders quickly in the library, or go into each record. Click on the Status History to track the order throughout the order cycle. Always go back and easily check your order status.

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