With Kintone your marketing team can:

Track the development & impact of your campaigns in one place

Organize what your team is working on, from individual tasks to entire campaigns, and then track their impact all from Kintone’s centralized platform. Get the big picture you need at a glance while being able to easily drill down to the details to see what needs improvement. 

Manage content creation and approval with ease

Use Kintone’s drag-and-drop builder to design a custom content production process that tracks all the info you need: assignee, deadline, files, links, and more. You can also create an approval process around your tasks to ensure content is signed off on before it goes out.      

Generate custom reports for detailed analysis

Identify data trends and campaign results with Kintone’s visual reporting features. Create real-time custom reports illustrated in charts and graphs–and then save them for quick access at the click of a button. Spend less time aggregating your reports and more time acting on them. 

Key Features

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    Teams and departments can consolidate their related apps, workflows, and analytics in dedicated workspaces on Kintone for seamless team and cross-departmental collaboration.

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    Workflows & process management

    Design workflows for your tasks and projects with Kintone’s built-in process management tools. Get the visibility and structure you need on your projects so you can always see where things stand.

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    Custom reminders & notifications

    Set up automated reminders to give your team a gentle nudge about upcoming deadlines. Notifications also let everyone know when it’s their turn to work on something.

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    Quick Reporting

    Turn your data into graphs at the click of a button. Whether it’s deadlines, assigned to, status, or more, you can filter your data into a variety of graphs and lists to easily understand what your data is saying.

Here’s how Kintone works

Use drag-and-drop to create the database apps you want

Your sales team needs a CRM app, the accounting team an expense reporting app, while marketing wants a content calendar.

Kintone lets you build business apps for any work task or process using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Expand Kintone’s capabilities with a wide variety of extensions

Upgrade your Kintone experience with one of many third-party integration services, including a wide selection of APIs and plugins.

Whether it’s connecting Kintone to your other systems or doing more to visualize your data, our library of extensions give you even more options.

Kintone Product Introduction Video