System Administration

User management

Easily add, activate, and deactivate users

You can register users by organization, group, or on the individual level and then manage their activation or deactivation status from a single page. You can also add users to Kintone by importing bulk user data from a CSV file.

Use SAML authentication to simplify sign ons

Kintone supports SAML authentication,meaning you only need to set up a single authentication process to access various systems across your business.

Access control

  • Block unapproved access

    Choose which IP addresses can access Kintone and block all other unapproved addresses.

  • Create a unique URL for your login page

    Choose a unique subdomain name for your company’s Kintone portal for additional security.

  • Set password policies for users

    Configure passwords to meet a variety of requirements, including character length, complexity, reuse policy, and expiration policy for additional security.

  • Add two-factor authentication

    With Kintone, you can set up two-factor authentication methods to better secure your subdomain. In addition to entering their username and password, a user will need to enter a confirmation code displayed on an authentication application(*) to access Kintone.

    *Authentication application: an application used to set up two-factor authentication for your account, such as Google or Microsoft Authenticator.

  • permissions

    Set up detailed permissions for groups and individuals

    Set granular permissions on various actions such as app creation, app management, and data access for users on the team, department, or individual level.

Change history

Track and revert record changes with ease

Track changes users make with Kintone’s change history feature. See who changed what, when, and how at a glance—and then revert back to a previous version of your data if required.

Audit logs

Monitor critical actions with audit logs & instant notifications

Audit logs allow you to easily track user activity including user login attempts, application updates, data deletions, and other important actions you may need to monitor.You can also set up automated email notifications that inform you when critical actions occur, such as bulk data deletion.

Integrate with third-party services

Integrate with user management systems via APIs

Integrate your company’s user management system such as Active Directory with Kintone’s user data. This reduces the burden on system administrators when organizational changes occur.

Connect Kintone to external systems using APIs or Webhooks

By connecting your Kintone subdomain to external services using APIs or Webhooks, you can add, update, delete, and output data to your other external systems as needed. These integrations expand the many ways you can use Kintone, such as making it the front-end portal of your existing ERP.