Founder Mitch Thrower Talks Business Pivots, Self-Care For Leaders & Barriers To Change

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Transformation Talk is an ongoing series featuring leaders who have led impactful change initiatives at organizations of all shapes and sizes.

We had the opportunity to speak with Mitch Thrower, who’s not only the Founder and Chairman of, but also a financier, entrepreneur, author and a 22-time Ironman triathlete (you read that right — 22 times!)

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No Coding? No Problem — How aPaas Solutions Empower Business Leaders to Greater Productivity

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What are some of the pain points that your organization experiences?

While many of can be solved with new technology, the difficulty is not identifying the problem. It’s not even identifying the solution. The difficulty is in actually executing on building those solutions. Especially for large organizations, the hardest part can be securing IT resources to build tools at a cost that is worthwhile for everyone involved.

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kintone Team Member Highlight: Building Applications to Fight Hunger


Travis Hill (2nd from the right) and Richard Su (3rd from the left) created a solution to more easily prescreen residents for food stamp benefits.

Two members of the kintone U.S. team took home the Grand Prize at the annual Alameda County AC Apps Challenge on February 27th. In a competition that challenged community members to “use technology to improve local government,” Travis Hill and Richard Su created a solution to more easily prescreen residents for food stamp benefits. Read more

Why Projects Fail: Lack of Accountability

Lack of Accountability

This is part of an ongoing series about overcoming common reasons behind project failure.

In the field of Internal Audit, lack of accountability over particular processes is an immediate red flag auditors are quick to point out. No company wants to deal with unnecessary high risk that eats away at precious resources. Accountability starts with clearly defining project objectives and ensuring team members know who is responsible for what. But as scope and roles change, it becomes even more crucial to address accountability early and throughout a project.

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