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From managing new leads to closing major deals, Kintone’s flexible, cloud-based platform is the perfect partner for the modern real estate professional.

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The perfect go-anywhere companion

Kintone was built from the ground up on a cloud-based foundation with support for any device–mobile or otherwise. Take it on the road via your smartphone, bring it to the open house on a tablet, and pick up right where you left off with your office laptop.

A CRM solution with room to grow

Whether you’re selling a palatial mansion with en-suite bathrooms or leasing a condo in the hippest part of town, Kintone’s hyper-flexible CRM solution offers smart, organized lead management from first engagement to closing day.

Super-smart custom workflows

Trigger processes, automate the office, and embrace the 21st century. Kintone puts powerful, fully customizable workflows at your disposal, so whether you’re sending out mass emails or managing reams of paperwork, everything is streamlined and auto-magical.

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Integrations & Extensions

Integrations and extensions help you super-charge your Kintone experience. To use, download the extensions and import them into your Kintone domain. Then, add them to any of your apps. Caution: may induce extreme productivity!

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Pre-Built Applications

1,000+ new applications are being built and deployed every day by customers and Kintone. Use the library of template applications to help you get started right away.

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