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Pay the way that works for your team. Whether you’re a scrappy startup, awesome enterprise, educational or government organization, or noble nonprofit, there’s a smart plan just for you—with bespoke solutions and à la carte add-ons galore.

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Professional Subscription


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All the powerful features included

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Tailored to fit your needs

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Nonprofit Subscription


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Minimum 5 users. Only applies to 501(c)3 orgs.

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An app suite built just for nonprofits included

Calculate your ROI with Kintone

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realize by building and deploying business applications with Kintone. Enter your current metrics to calculate your potential results. Results will appear on the right-hand side for desktop and below for mobile.

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* Hourly wage set and calculated as $15/hr

How many hours a week do you spend on the following?

The average worker spends at least 10 hrs/wk (25% of week) on repetitive tasks & data entry

10 hours/week

The average worker spends 4+ hrs/wk for consolidating & analyzing forms data

4 hours/week

The average project manager saves 8 hrs/wk by using a task tracking tool

8 hours/week

The average worker saves 6 hrs/wk for being more productive with searching & gathering information

6 hours/week

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