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This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realize by building and deploying business applications with Kintone. Enter your current metrics to calculate your potential results. Results will appear on the right-hand side for desktop and below for mobile.

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* Hourly wage set and calculated as $15/hr

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The average worker spends at least 10 hrs/wk (25%!!) on repetitive tasks & data entry

10 hours/week

The average worker spends 4+ hrs/wk on consolidating & analyzing forms data

4 hours/week

The average project manager saves 8 hrs/wk by using a task tracking tool

8 hours/week

The average worker saves 6 hrs/wk by being more productive when searching & gathering information

6 hours/week

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What Our Customers Say

“I am able to use the platform for Information management, timesheets and invoice tracking, service provision, etc. It is the most cost-effective and centralized way of running my company.”Regardless of the size of your team, you can use it for a variety of purposes

Administrator in Individual & Family Services

“A decent little association stage with entirely expandable assets at sensible cost. Proper for big business, departmental or little/medium business use.”

Franklin, Application Developer

How Much Did Kintone Customers Save?

“What took her three days to do in our original software took her three minutes in Kintone. It was a breakthrough…..We estimate Kintone reduced our overhead by 50 percent. “

Heather Johnson, Compliance Officer of AB Emblem

“It took more than 30 hours to collect Excel files from each team and combine them into one Excel file, but now each entry from a team is added directly to Kintone, so the work time for the collection has been reduced to zero.”

Maruyama, Research and Planning Promotion Group Manager at Shiseido

We reduced the number of working hours spent doing calculations by 400 hours per year. [And] we reduced our overall cost to one-tenth of what it was with Salesforce.”

Yutaro Noji, President of LEAGLE