Whether you’re a scrappy startup or well-established enterprise, get simple, transparent pricing for your team—one plan with all of Kintone’s features included.

You can use Kintone for just one of your team’s workflows or set up a custom workspace to manage all your team’s data and collaboration.

$ 24


Minimum 5 users ($120/month)

  • Pay per additional user

  • Monthly or annual contract available

Complete Features List

  • No-code application building
  • Enhanced Process Management
  • Collaboration Suite
  • Productivity Enhancement Suite
  • Open API Connectivity
  • Unlimited Custom Views
  • Mobile
And More

No-code application building

Drag-n-drop interface

Spreadsheet conversion

Prebuilt application library access

Enhanced Process Management

Custom Process

Branch Criteria

All or Any Approvals

Status History

Collaboration Suite

User Profiles

Personal Walls

Private Messaging

Tagging Users

Productivity Enhancement Suite

Action Buttons

Related Records

Lookup Fields

Staging Preview

Commenting on Records

Open API Connectivity

Customize with JavaScript and CSS

Kintone REST API



Unlimited Custom Views

Dynamic Custom Filtered Views

Sorted Spreadsheet Views


Native IOS App

Native Android App

Mobile Web Ready




An "application" (or “app”) is a software program that helps you perform a task or activity.






A Kintone “Space” is like a mini portal customized for each department, team, or project.



Records / App


API calls / day


Fields / App




Unlimited Custom Graphs

Real-time Custom Graphs & Charts

Scheduled Periodic Generation Graphs

Granular Permission Controls

Permissions by Department

Permissions by Spaces

Permissions by App

Permissions by Records and Fields within Apps

Triggers-based Auto-Notifications Engine

Preset Actions & Reminders

Audit Logs

App Settings

Actions on App Records


System Administration

Actions with API

Security Pack

Session Lifetime Settings

Secure Password Policy Setup

Account Lockout

Data in Motion & Data at Rest


Optional Extensions

Pricing FAQ

  • Do you offer discounts for Kintone? Can I get special nonprofit or education pricing?

    Yes! We offer special pricing for 501(c)3 nonprofits, education, and government organizations.
    Please contact us here to learn more.
    Alternatively, 501(c)3 nonprofits can speak to our dedicated NPO specialists right away.

  • Can I extend the free trial?

    If you’d like to extend your 30-day Kintone trial, please contact us here.

  • Can multiple members of my team try out Kintone together?

    Yes, and we recommend testing out Kintone’s collaboration features with a buddy! There’s an option to invite members of your team to your Kintone free trial.
    Learn more about it here.

  • Are there any limitations with the trial?

    No. With your free trial you get access to all the features of Kintone.

  • I get an error message that says "Your email address has already been used to create an account.” What should I do?

    It’s likely you’ve already signed up for a free trial.
    or contact us for assistance here.

  • What happens to my Kintone data after my trial ends?

    Your data is permanently deleted 30 days after the trial expiration date. You’ll be notified via email about your free trial expiration before it happens. Why do we keep data for 30 days? Some free trial users want to migrate their data or need additional time before purchase.
    Contact us if you have any additional questions.

  • Can I continue to use Kintone data created during my trial after purchasing the service?

    Absolutely! Once you sign up for a paid subscription, the data you’ve added from your free trial rolls over into your new account.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We currently accept credit cards or by invoice.

Customer Quote

We estimate Kintone reduced our overhead by 50%. What took three days to do in our original software took three minutes in Kintone. It was a breakthrough.

Heather J., A-B Emblem

I’d recommend Kintone to anybody looking to scale their business. We’re constantly discovering new ways to take advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

Max L., Congo Brands