Global Beauty Product Company Shiseido Migrates from IBM Notes to Kintone

Shiseido, one of the most notable skin care companies in Japan with products in more than 120 countries, was facing a serious set of business problems related to data, including:

– Difficulty maintaining IBM Notes systems due to the lack of engineers
– Accelerating globalization at fast pace without an English user interface
– Reaching the breaking point of using multiple Excel to track and manage research center projects

Kintone Solution

Shiseido’s research center started:

– Using Kintone partner M-SOLUTIONS’ automatic migration tool for moving data from IBM Notes to Kintone
– Replacing Excel for Kintone to manage research themes worldwide
Integrating Kintone with Box as a tool for data storage

“I’ve had a great agile development experience with Kintone.”


“In only just three months, we were able to get a system running. I’ve had a great agile development experience with Kintone. I can also easily see who changed what and when by using the Kintone history feature. And Kintone has a possibility to be a great weapon for our success because of the ability to integrate with various third-party services”
–Mr. Shibata, Global Information Center Group

“It took more than 30 hours to collect Excel files from each team to one Excel file, but now each entry from a team is added directly to Kintone, so the work time for the collection has been reduced to zero.”
— Ms. Maruyama, Research and Planning Promotion Group Manager

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