Sales CRM Pack

A set of Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps that work together seamlessly to manage your prospects and customers, sales, and products in a pre-set relational database.

The Sales CRM Pack includes three apps:

1. Sales and Lead App

Log all leads each team member is working on. The app looks up information from the Customers and Prospects app and Product Database app, so there’s no need to switch screens to reference information or copy and paste data.

Sales CRM Pack Product Database Record View
Sales CRM Pack Product Database Record View

2. Customers and Prospects App

Centralize all your contacts in one Customer and Prospects app and easily reference all sales activity for each contact.

3. Product Database

A simple and easy-to-manage product database that everyone can reference. Look up data from this database to help eliminate data input errors and ensure your team always has the latest info.

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