Customer Database

Centrally manage customer information scattered throughout the company.
This will not just save time by preventing manual work such as repetitive data entry and report creation, but also provide your full team a more holistic understanding of your customers for making better decisions.

Customer Database List View App Template Kintone
Customer Database App list view

With Kintone, you’ll be able to keep track of the edits made and also collaborate with your team using the comment feature. This allows teams to access updated data anytime and circle back on past activities regarding the customer.

Customer Database Record Detail App Template Kintone
Customer Database App record detail

Customer data across departments and projects can be easily aggregated in Kintone through manual data entering, Excel/CSV file importing, and through REST API and extensions.

The data collected in the app can be made into graphs. Since the data is reflected in the graph in real time, you can save the trouble of re-assembling the report each time and have weekly and monthly reports sent to you and your team.

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