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  • Data made easy - no experience necessary !

    Head of Production and Quality, Apparel & Fashion, 11-50 employees

    Pros: I like the fact that I was able to figure it out by myself , without the need to run to IT , as we all know that once IT is involved you usually get something that work for them and not for the end user.

    Cons: There is nothing I dislike , although I would want to see a more in depth self serve help center . In the current form when you search for solutions on how to solve a problem ( problem in terms of figuring out how to build exactly what you need, not system being down or the like) you might get lucky and find something that will help you. In my view , it would help if customer generated "help solutions" would be made available.

    Overall: Excellent ! While the self serve help center has its limitation , my overall experience is positive because when I reached out to someone in the Kintone team , I always got the answers that I was looking for.

  • Made it easy for a caveman

    Real Estate, 1-10 employees

    Pros: The system is quite robust, has multiple applications (audit, reporting, support materials, action planning), and easy to use.

    Cons: Multiple clients cannot be working on their audit at the same time.

    Overall: I am not a developer. I know how to spell HTML. The Kintone team took a concept I had and created a comprehensive client evaluation audit and scoring system that included multiple client support apps, like action planning. From day one until we were able to start testing initial versions was fast, fast, fast. The development time was a matter of months from start to roll out. The people we worked with were wonderful, honest and smart. The only challenge was that since I am not a "techie" - there were times their communications were a bit over my head. But they eventually learned how to communicate better with a novice like me. I was very, very pleased with Kintone and the platform they built and manage for us.

  • Kintone Works!

    Data Analyst, Non-Profit Organization Management, 11-50 employees


    • Quite easy/quick to learn
    • Ease of use
    • Very cost-effective for nonprofits
    • May be all the database needed for small to medium organizations. Link it to another tool (e.g. through ODBC) that supports functionalities like SQL and that's it.
    • Customization support if you know JavaScript.
    • Excellent workflow support
    • Very helpful and responsive customer support.


    • Lack of very key and basic formula support such as If-else conditions.
    • Difficult to make apps talk to each other (app relationships) which leads to the need for multiple apps with duplicate data. It appears the only option available is the Lookup Feature, which works well for its purpose but is limited regarding true apps/database relationships. This limitation may be resolved by linking your apps through ODBC to a tool like a BI tool that supports database relationships.
    • Limited customization if you have no JavaScript expertise.
    • Lack of support for SQL

    Overall: Kintone has been the most cost-effective solution to my organization's database, data, and reporting needs for over two years. I don't see us dropping Kintone even if we adopt other systems. In fact, our plan is to find systems (e.g. BI tools) that can link to Kintone. It takes a lot of development time off your hands. For the needs of a small to medium organization, it is almost all you may need to rid yourself off scattered spreadsheets, stay data organized, manage workflows and business process communication etc. Just take time to know the tool and you may never need the computer science person.

  • Great software which allows to quickly optimize analog processes. Fits small and large organization

    Philipp S., Head of Finance and Administration

    Pros: Very easy to develop forms and workflows. User driven. Allows to deploy apps fast and supports quick changes based on user needs.

    Cons: The mobile version needs improvement and is not as user-friendly as the desktop version. A better mobile version would greatly add to the overall value of the software.

  • Excellent drag and drop database builder

    Barry S., Adjunct Faculty, Hospital & Health Care

    Pros: What I like most about this software it is super easy to build a database with drag and drop. Also, if you need something more advanced there is a custom development team that is affordable.

    Cons: I think the look of the user interface needs to be updated. The visual design needs work as it doesn't look visually impressive compared to some tools.

    Overall: I liked the software. It has helped us find an easy way to track certifications for our organization.


    Textiles, 51-200 employees

    Pros: It's flexibility, ease-up use, and because I'm a database nerd - the database on the back-end is setup exceptionally well. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT structure and overall product.

    Cons: There really isn't anything to NOT like about this software. I do see some areas of potential however - for instance - maybe adding a matrix feature in the app dev part. But nothing to complain of.

    Overall: TONS. We originally started using Kintone to develop a Supplier Portal for our international suppliers. This is currently in use. We are now working to develop a portal for our design and sales department - housing the core processes of our custom manufacturing operation.

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  • Easy To Work With

    General Manager, Manufacturing, <50M USD

    Overall Comment: We are still in the development phase, but overall my experience has been fantastic. Everyone at Kintone has been quick to respond, helpful, and eager to develop a system that will fit our needs.

    What do you like most about the product or service?

    So far, Kintone is very easy for someone like me, who is completely programming illiterate, to use and even develop my own apps.

    What do you dislike most about the product or service?

    Nothing, so far everything has been great.

    What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers?

    You will love working with Kintone.

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  • Implementation Was Easy And Learning To Navigate Was Intuitive.

    Legal/Compliance Administrator

    Overall Comment: Our overall experience has been a positive one! The platform is very easy to navigate, is intuitive to use, and has been extremely helpful in streamlining processes we had been trying to manage with multiple spreadsheets.

    What do you like most about the product or service?

    Being able to make changes on the fly, and having those changes be easy and seamless, even to somebody without a coding background. Being able to use the platform online rather than having to download another program onto each user's computer. Having the capability to assign roles and administrative rights at the touch of a button, and designate who can be in those roles - again, all being easy to figure out. Being able to use the mobile app to use as easily as the desktop version has been awesome!

    What do you dislike most about the product or service?

    The third party apps are not as easy to maneuver or operate as Kintone is. It takes a little extra work to understand the nuances.

    What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers?

    If you're considering building your own database, and it seems scary, know that this is much easier than trying to create your own database (in my experience) than on any other piece of software.

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  • Your Data Is Up To Date

    Sr. Business System Analyst, Government, 500M - 1B USD

    Overall Comment: Kintone's cloud provides our users located on government sites to gain access to data. Our users are able to use the mobile app for approving invoices when not in their offices. The notification function provides for quick communication. Our Kintone team has been able to develop program management and task lead dashboard to instant updating of contract data.

    What do you like most about the product or service?

    The ability of one data source being updated by multiple users. The notifications to end users being able to "go to the record."

    What do you dislike most about the product or service?

    1. The graphic package not being like the graphic package in excel. Building pivot tables and the ability to select colors for graphs and bar charts. 2. Having the comments and history right bar default to open. I always have to close this side. 3. Having the ability to alphabetize the app lists for easy searching when multiple apps are listed.

    What one piece of advice would you give other prospective customers?

    You can make your Kintone site easy or complicated as you want.

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