Privacy Policy

It is our responsibility to respect and protect the privacy of our customers’ information.

These guidelines show our basic philosophy regarding the handling of user information at Cybozu Inc and Kintone Corporation. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Kintone”).

  1. Kintone will collect information on you (user) via various forms and fields in the process of registering an account or accessing various services that we provide (ie: free trials, free demos, technical support). (hereinafter referred to as “User Information”).
  2. Kintone will not disclose and/or supply User Information provided by Users to a third party unless you agree to do so or if Kintone has a valid reason to do so.
  3. Kintone will assign a representative for adequate information management.
  4. Kintone will work to take reasonable technical measures as well as provide education to its employees to prevent information leaks, losses and/or falsifications.
  5. If you would like to see or correct any User Information we have stored, Kintone will provide the means to access and make such changes, and/or respond directly to such requests.
  6. Kintone will observe laws, regulations and other applicable guidelines for the protection of User Information and will also work to continuously review and improve our procedures and policies.

Use of User Information and its provision to a third party

Kintone will use any collected User Information for the following purposes:

  • To support your use of products and services provided by Kintone
  • To provide information about Kintone’s new products and services
  • To provide insight to enable us to enhance and improve Kintone products and services
  • To identify and contact you when necessary

Kintone will not use User Information provided for any purpose other than the above purposes to which you’ve agreed. In case any other necessary purpose arises, we will notify you in advance for your approval.
You are entitled to decline authorization for such purpose; but please note that in such case, Kintone may not be able to continue to offer access to our products and services.

Kintone will never provide or disclose User Information to a third party except the following:

  • When Kintone outsources operations such as sales/delivery/support/introducing product updates to a Partner within such specified purposes
  • When you agree to disclose and/or share your information to others
  • When you go against the terms of use and/or guidelines, and disclosing your information is considered necessary to protect the rights, property, and/or the services of other customers and/or Kintone
  • When there is an imminent danger to someone’s life, body and/or property, and disclosing your information is needed urgently
  • When applicable laws and regulations require Kintone to disclose your information

Handling of cookies(*)

We use analytics tools to help us understand how you get to and use our site. To do this, 3rd party services we deploy may use technologies like Cookies to track your activity when you use Kintone’s products and/or services or visit our site(s).

However, these Cookies do not gather any personally identifiable information. As such, your anonymity is protected unless you input User Information into forms or fields within Kintone services and/or websites. To learn more about Cookies, please click HERE.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can block or restrict cookies through your browser settings. Please note though, in that case you may not be able to use all or parts of services provided by Kintone.

In addition, we partner with a third party ad networks to either display advertising on our Web site or to manage our advertising on other sites. Our ad network partners may use cookies and/or Web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information about your activities on this and other Web sites to provide targeted advertising to you. If you wish to opt out of such ad targeting, please click here. This will not however opt you out of being served standard generic advertising.

In no event will our company be liable to you for any use of cookies and/or Web beacons by our ad network partners.

(*) What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small amount of data consisting of character strings that is sent to your browser from a web server.This information acts like a user’s ID card that enables you to record your password and/or configuration information on it, thereby identifying you when you revisit the website and enabling to have setting status reappear.

Access Log

To monitor usage trends and measure advertising effectiveness, Kintone collects access logs. These access logs collect data such as IP address, browser type and domain name and may be linked to User Information. Moreover, we may contract access log analysis to third parties.

With regard to the individual handling of access logs, be sure to read individual terms of service and end-user license agreement.

In no event will our company be liable for any handling of User Information as it relates to the linkage to these Access Logs.

Also, you shall confirm that, to measure advertising effectiveness and to collect statistics, Kintone has the right, without any notice, to collect your (user) behavior data such as click rates of URLs and open rates of images in emails.

Kintone may revise these guidelines without any notice.