Kintone Customer Support Agreement


  1. Agreement Overview
  2. Goals and Objectives
  3. Participants
  4. What is Supported
  5. Self-Guided Help and Resources
  6. Contacting Live Kintone Support
  7. Phone and Ticket Availability
  8. Standard Support for Kintone via Support Tickets
  9. Customer Requirements

This document outlines the Standard Customer Support and Service that is included in the subscription pricing of Kintone’s application platform. This Service Level Agreement holds Kintone to this level of service provided to our customers.

1. Agreement Overview

This Agreement represents a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Kintone and our Customers for the services required to support and sustain the Kintone platform.

This Agreement remains valid until superseded by a revised agreement mutually endorsed by the stakeholders.

This Agreement outlines the parameters of all services covered as they are mutually understood by both Kintone and the Customer. This Agreement does not supersede current processes and procedures unless explicitly stated herein.

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2. Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this Agreement is to ensure that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent service and support and delivery to the Customer by Kintone. The objectives of this Agreement are to:

  • Provide clear reference to service ownership, accountability, roles and/or responsibilities.
  • Present a clear, concise and measurable description of service provision to the customer.
  • Match perceptions of expected service provision with actual service support & delivery.

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3. Participants

This agreement covers users of the Kintone platform.

  • Prospects, Pre-sales support
  • Post-sales, Customer support 

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4. What is Supported

The following details what is and isn’t supported in Kintone Support.

What is supported: 

  • Kintone core product built-in or native settings
  • Marketplace apps
  • Authorized extensions & add-ons
    • Bug fixes/enhancements are not supported for sample plug-ins.
    • For 3rd party services, support is provided for Kintone setup. Inquiries pertaining to the 3rd party service must be sent directly to the service provider.

What is not supported:

  • API & plugins, customization via JavaScript and CSS, webhooks, integrations that are not listed on this page. (For self-serve support for these platform extensions, visit the Kintone Developer Network.)

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5. Self-Guided Help & Resources

You may receive faster support by contacting your company’s Kintone Administrator or by using the resources below:

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6. Contacting Live Kintone Support

Standard support for Kintone is available by phone & support tickets. To contact support, users can follow any of the four options below:

  • To open a ticket via email, send your inquiry to Any inquiries sent to personal Kintone email addresses will be redirected to
  • Call (415) 692-6546
    • Ext. 2 for Free Trial Users
    • Ext. 3 for Existing Customers
  • For Kintone Admins, click ‘Contact Us’ from within your Kintone domain.
  • From our website, fill out the Support form.

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7. Phone and Ticket Availability

Coverage parameters for Standard Kintone Support are as follows:

  • Phone support: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time (PST) Monday – Friday, excluding these major US Holidays.
    • Calls received outside of business hours will be forwarded to a voicemail box, and voicemail messages will be returned the next working day.
    • If your call is not answered, please leave a voicemail and the next available representative will return your call once available.
  • Ticket support: Monitored 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M PST. Monday – Friday, excluding these major US Holidays.
    • Tickets received outside of business hours will be sent to a mailbox, and necessary action will be taken the next working day.

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8. Standard Support for Kintone via Support Tickets

The Kintone Support Team will respond to service related incidents, requests, and/or questions submitted by the Customer within the following time frames:

  • Within 8 hours for issues classified as High priority.
  • Within 16 hours for issues classified as Medium priority.
  • Within 24 hours for issues classified as Low priority.
  • For tickets received outside of business hours, the above hour agreements begin at 9am PST the next working day from when the ticket was received.

The Kintone Support Team will give priority to one registered Administrator for each domain of Kintone. This Administrator will be agreed upon and be recognized by their email address.

Non-Profit Organization support will be provided through ticket submission only. There will be a 48-hour response time that follows the Ticket Availability outlined in Section 7. They are permitted one question/ticket at a time and no more than 2 tickets per week. If inquiry requires customization, a scoping call will be scheduled.

For enhanced Premium Support, please contact your Account Executive for package options & rates. 

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9. Customer Requirements

Customer responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include:

  • Payment for all subscription costs at the agreed interval (monthly or annually).
  • Reasonable availability of customer representative(s) when resolving a service related incident or request.

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