Google Hangouts Chat

Kintone is a flexible, no-code platform that allows business users to create their own apps. You don’t have to wait for IT, and you can build it the way you want. And if your needs change, iterating on the app is fast and easy.

Although you can do almost anything with Kintone, our integration with Google Hangouts Chat highlights three common workflows:

Using Google Hangouts Chat you can add and retrieve info from those apps. Or you can go directly to Kintone to make your app truly custom.

Inventory management

Using the inventory management app, you can:

  • Add and remove items from your inventory
  • Create and delete item categories
  • Retrieve counts of all items in a category

Job openings

With the job-opening app, you can:

  • Add and list new jobs

Candidate management

The candidate management app lets you:

  • Add new candidates
  • Retrieve candidates based on specific qualities
  • Add interview notes