Google Hangouts Chat Troubleshooting

GHC + Kintone

Hangouts Chat support from Google

I can’t log into

GHC requires that you have a paid G Suite account. Log out of your other Google accounts and log into the account that has GSuite access. You may need to clear your cookies first.

If you know you have G Suite access and you’re still not able log in with that account, try opening a private or incognito window and logging in again. A private window provides a clean environment to test with.

If you continue to have issues, reach out to Google Support.

I can’t remember my Kintone domain name or login name

When you signed up for your free Kintone trial, we sent you an email with your Kintone domain name and your login name.

If you can’t find that email, you can reach out to our Support team:

"Integration not available" error

When granting permission to use Kintone with GHC, I get the following error:

The integration is not available. Ask your administrator to enable the Integration then add you to the list of allowed users in Administration > Integrations.
Code: SLASH_OA06

Before granting permission to GHC, you must enable the integration in your Kintone domain. Follow the instructions in:

Enable GHC in Kintone

Nothing happens when I type a command

Check to see if the command you typed was actually addressed to the bot

When you are speaking to a person or bot, GHC shows the name in a different color. If the word @Kintone is shown in black, GHC has not recognized it as a special name, and has treated it like a text string.

To make sure that recognizes that you are speaking to a bot:

  1. Start typing the bot name beginning with the @ symbol. A list of installed bots pops up.
  2. Use the mouse to select the Kintone bot, or hit Enter.
  3. Type the rest of the command.

The text for the bot name doesn’t change color before submitting the full command, but you will see the color change for the submitted command.

Check to see that the command is valid

You can see the full list of bot commands here:

GHC Commands

Note that if text is enclosed in angle brackets, it indicates text thaat you should replace with your own value. For example, <your_domain> should be replaced with the value of the Kintone domain you registered.