Google Hangouts Chat Commands

You can use the following commands to manage your Kintone apps with Google Hangouts Chat (GHC):

Note that if text is enclosed in angle brackets < >, it indicates text that you should replace with your own value. For example, <your_domain> should be replaced with the value of the Kintone domain you registered.

Basic@Kintone helpLists example commands, and links to help documents.
Basic@Kintone settingsLists Kintone Apps, and links to their settings pages.
Basic@Kintone feedbackProvides a link to the feedback form.
Authentication@Kintone domain "<your_domain>"@Kintone domain ""

Tells the Kintone bot which Kintone domain to connect to.

The bot will accept the domain with or without the http://.

Authentication@Kintone signoutStops any further interaction between the Kintone bot and the Kintone domain.
Apps@Kintone create appCreates a Kintone App in the user’s Kintone domain.
Apps@Kintone list appsLists the Kintone Apps in the user’s Kintone domain that were created by the Kintone bot.
Apps@Kintone remove app

Stops any further interaction between the specified Kintone App and the Kintone bot.

Note that this does not delete the App from your Kintone domain.

Inventory@Kintone add category "<category_name>"@Kintone add category "Candy"Adds a new category name that items can belong to.
Inventory@Kintone delete category "<category_name>"@Kintone delete category "Candy"Deletes a category name.
Inventory@Kintone add items <number> "<item_name>"@Kintone add items 50 "Kintone Stickers"Adds the specified number of items to the stock.
Inventory@Kintone remove items <number> "<item_name>"@Kintone remove items 50 "Kintone Stickers"Removes the specified number of items from the stock.
Inventory@Kintone list itemsLists all items that belong to a category of your choice.
Jobs@Kintone add job "<job_title>"@Kintone add job "Global Superhero Manager"Adds a new job opening.
Jobs@Kintone list jobsLists all job openings from a selected query.
Candidates@Kintone add candidate "<candidate_name>" @Kintone add candidate "Peter Parker"Adds a new candidate.
Candidates@Kintone list candidatesLists all candidates from a selected query.
Candidates@Kintone add interviewLists all candidates from a selected query with links to add interview notes.