gusuku Customine

Build and deploy unique JavaScript customization without having to write a line of code

gusuku Customine is a robust native-to-Kintone tool that makes JavaScript customization available to any user.

Have you ever wanted to highlight cells or display a message depending on the value entered in a field? Kintone’s platform allows you to do so through JavaScript customization which is easy for coders, but not so friendly for non-coders. Now, you have gusuku Customine to let you build and deploy JavaScript customization within a few minutes.

The most important part in building the customization would be to clarify your requirements. Then, setting up the customization blocks in gusuku Customine is as easy as selecting the trigger (CONDITION) and the action (DO).

Use Cases

  • Ticket Management
    • Highlight tickets that have not been started and is due this week
  • Sales Management
    • Display the remaining sales the account executive needs to reach for the target
  • Customer Management
    • Update customer information automatically on Inquiry and Purchase Order Management App when the Customer Management App is updated
  • Inventory Management
    • Update Product Inventory App automatically when a new order is placed
  • Event Online Check-In
    • Display a popup message asking whether the visitor would like to check in, then update the Event Attendance App automatically
  • Hazardous Checklist
    • Display the corresponding check list depending on the situation


Learn how to setup the Customine customization through the tutorial.

2 quick customization are introduced:

  • Change the background color of fields with a certain condition (e.g., change color by status)
  • Calculate and display the total related record counts by record (e.g., number of inquiries by each customer)

Detailed product information can be found on the
gusuku Customine website.

How to get started

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