CData Drivers for Kintone

Connect Kintone to your favorite apps

Skyrocket your productivity to a whole new level by combining Kintone’s top-notch data-management and integrity features with CData Kintone drivers.

What are CData Kintone drivers, you say? Well, Kintone drivers allow you to use the power of Kintone with your favorite BI, analytics, and ETL reporting tools. Modify and manipulate your Kintone data with bidirectional, real-time access using tools like Microsoft Power BI, Visual Studio, Tableau, Excel, etc. This beautiful relationship allows you to combine data from various Kintone apps to analyze business trends, make sophisticated reports & visualizations, and overall transform how your business grows.

They have 11 Kintone drivers/connectors available to meet all your needs.

Do you have a Windows computer? Wonderful! The CData drivers for Windows can sync Kintone data with tools such as Informatica, PowerPivot, Access, FileMaker Pro, SAS, OBIEE, etc. And you can schedule and automate your syncing automatically.

How about a Mac OS or Linux computer? Marvelous! CData’s complex querying abilities will give you what you need to use Kintone data in DbVisualizer, Squirrel SQL, DBeaver, etc.

Are you a die-hard Excel user? Then you will love the Excel Add-on connector, designed with you in mind. Pull data from Kintone and send it back with just a click of a button!

To see more ways you can use the CData Kintone Drivers, visit their extensive knowledge base.

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