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Digital Transformation Consultants LLC.

Digital Transformation Consultants LLC.

At DTC, we are committed to making your job easier. Our experienced team is dedicated to giving you the tools to make Kintone do all the work.


  • Solutions Development
  • Product Support
  • Solutions Training
  • Data Migration
  • External Integrations
  • Customizations
  • Plugins


  • PDF Creator – create unlimited customizable PDFs
  • Outlook Integration – send, create, view, and create calendar events from Kintone
  • Backup and Restore - Back up all records in Kintone and recover deleted records
  • QuickBooks Integration – Complete integration with QuickBooks Online

And Much More!


  • Easy to use plugins and customizations
  • Creating Kintone champions
  • Dedicated team
  • Making Kintone work for you