Tableau for Kintone


Tableau for Kintone


Use Tableau to visualize and analyze your Kintone data across multiple apps.

See where you can reduce costs, improve customer experience, or visualize your growth for investors. The CData Tableau integration will expand your playground to include greater analytic capabilities. Easily pull live data from your Kintone apps to create sophisticated visual reports on Tableau.


  • Make calculations directly on graphs to partition your Kintone data and define the direction of your calculations
  • Use granular formatting options to change text and number formats, resize tables and cells, create custom color palettes, etc.
  • Analyze your data geographically using maps (e.g. heatmaps, point-distribution maps, spider maps, etc.) to answer your spatial questions and learn of trends about your target audience
  • Build sequences of visualizations (Stories) that work together to convey your Kintone information
  • Create workbooks that display different visual reports of your data from across multiple Kintone apps
  • Automatically update and sync your charts with live Kintone data

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