Kintone Connector for Domo


Kintone Connector for Domo


Connect Kintone apps to Domo for advanced charts and data analysis.


The Kintone Connector for Domo allows Domo to access your Kintone App data and create charts and graphs on the Domo platform. You can also analyze large quantities of data stored in your Kintone Database in an easier way.


To use the Kintone Connector for Domo, you will need to prepare the following:

  • An active Domo account
  • An active Kintone account that contains an App filled with data you want to analyze

Set up

1. Log into Domo and add a new card

  1. Log into your Domo instance.
  2. Add a new card and select Design.
    Screenshot showing how to add a new card design - Kintone add-on: Domo Connectors
  3. Choose the App DataSet.
    Screenshot showing how to add a new dataset for the new card - Kintone add-on: Domo App

2. Search for the Kintone connector in the Domo Appstore

  1. In the Domo Appstore, select the CONNECTORS tab, and search for “kintone” in the search bar.
    Screenshot showing how to search for the Kintone connector in Domo's Appstore - Kintone add-on: Domo App, Domo connnectors
  2. Select the Kintone Connector, and click GET THE DATA.
    Screenshot showing how to install the Kintone connector - Kintone add-on: Domo App

3. Fill in your Kintone credentials

  1. Fill in information related to your Kintone instance.
    Screenshot showing an empty credentials page - Kintone add-on: Domo AppSettingDescriptionKINTONE DOMAINThis is the domain that you access to log into your Kintone account. If you have a Kintone instance with the URL then enter “” for this field.USERNAMEEnter the login name of a user that can access the Kintone domain. The Kintone Connector will use this account to access your domain.PASSWORDEnter the password for the Kintone account.
  2. Once the credentials have been filled in, click CONNECT to test out the connection.
    Screenshot showing credential page filled in -Kintone add-on: Domo App
  3. If the authentication succeeds, click NEXT.
Screenshot guiding the user to click NEXT after the authentication succeeds - Kintone add-on: Domo App

If at any time you need to change the credential information stored in the Kintone Connector settings, access the following page:

4. Choose the report type and fill in the details of your Kintone App

  1. Fill in the details of your Kintone app.
    Screenshot of how to fill in the Details of the Kintone App into Domo's settings -Kintone add-on: Domo AppField NameDescriptionGUEST SPACE IDIf your App lies within a Guest Space, enter the Guest Space ID for that app.
    The Guest Space ID is a number that is included in the URL of the Guest Space.
    Example of how to identify the Guest Space ID from the Kintone URL
    This field can be ignored if you are not using Guest Spaces.REPORTThere are two types of reports that can be created
    • All Apps
      This option creates reports based on general information of all Apps within your Kintone domain. This information includes the App name, App description, related Spaces, App creator and App updater. This report does not include any information contained in the records within the Apps.
    • All Records in a Specified App
      This option creates reports based on all records that exist within a specified App. The records that will be included in the report are limited to the records that the Authenticated user has permission to view.
    APP IDEnter the App ID of the Kintone App you want to extract data from.
    You can find the App ID by looking at the URL for that App.Example of how to identify the App ID from the Kintone URL
  2. Select the fields in the Kintone App that you want to pull into Domo.
  3. Click NEXT.
    Screenshot of choosing which fields to pull in from Kintone - Kintone add-on: Domo App

5. Set the Scheduling information

  1. Set how frequently you want Domo to pull in and update data from Kintone.
  2. Click NEXT.
    Screenshot of the scheduling option in the Domo connectors - Kintone add-on: Domo App

6. Name your DataSet

  1. Set a name and description for the DataSet. This will be displayed in Domo.
  2. Click SAVE.
    Screenshot of naming the Dataset of the Domo connector - Kintone add-on: Domo App

Example Domo Charts

Data collected by the Kintone Connector for Domo can be used to create new charts. Visit the Domo Dojo community to understand the various ways you can create new Domo charts:

Example 1

Screenshot of an example Domo Bar Chart - Kintone add-on: Domo App

Example 2

Screenshot of an example Domo Map Chart - Kintone add-on: Domo App

Example 3

Gif of an example Domo TreeMap Chart - Kintone add-on: Domo App

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