How to Solve Your Spreadsheet Problems with Kintone

Tired of juggling spreadsheets to manage your team’s data and processes? Learn how to transform your spreadsheets into customizable apps with just a few clicks—and spend less time reorganizing your data and more time learning from it.
If your team relies on spreadsheets to share important data, you’ve probably run into a few common issues, including maintaining data integrity and security, managing version control, and collaborating with teammates to name a few.
While spreadsheets have their purposes, they’re often used for far more than the tasks they’re ideally suited for.
Not sure what your alternatives are? In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll show you:
The problems that arise with over-reliance on spreadsheets
How to import your spreadsheets into customizable database apps with just a few clicks
Why switching from a system based on scattered spreadsheets and emails to a centralized platform like Kintone will transform the way your team works
Join us to learn more about streamlining your communication, processes, and data management in one fell swoop. This webinar is strongly recommended for anyone who has experienced the spreadsheet struggle and wants to learn how to scale your team’s processes efficiently and do more with your data.

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