From Day One-Consolidate Your HR Operations in One Portal with Kintone

You’ve gone digital but everything is disconnected. You’re either sharing data between platforms via spreadsheets or relying on face-to-face chats to fix mistakes. Now, with everything moving remote, your tools are all your team has to get the job done. And it’s clear what you have isn’t working.
Hear HR Coordinator Vincent Dang explain how Kintone’s HR team avoids messy email chains and spreadsheet sharing to handle every part of their operations using Kintone. He’ll cover how Kintone’s platform can be adapted to suit any task, and why his team uses it for every process they have.
Specifically, Vincent will cover how he uses Kintone to:
– Manage recruitment & hiring
– Share data with other HR members without ever losing access to it
– Make communication with his team & stakeholders effortless and easy to track
– Foster a positive culture with all the members of Kintone, even while remote

This webinar will feature a dedicated walkthrough of Vincent’s processes in Kintone; HR teams looking to find a software solution that will let them consolidate their data, tasks, and communication for an easier, more accountable work experience are strongly encouraged to attend this event.

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