Culture Summit: Consolidate Your HR Operations in One Portal with Kintone

As many companies shift to a fully distributed workforce, we’re beginning to see some of the disadvantages of being remote.
You might be sharing data between platforms via spreadsheets which creates a security risk.
Or rely on face to face chats to fix mistakes which can be inefficient.
Simply put, everything is disconnected.
What’s clear is that your system and tools are all your team has to get the job done and if what you have isn’t working, it might be time for a change.
In this upcoming sponsored webinar, hear HR Coordinator Vincent Dang explain how you can avoid messy email chains and spreadsheets by handling every part of your People Operations using Kintone.
He’ll demonstrate how Kintone’s platform can be adapted to suit any job from HR task management to employee engagement and everything in between.
Specifically, Vincent will give walkthrough of how he uses Kintone to:
Manage recruitment, hiring, and onboarding
Share data with other HR members without ever losing access to it
Make communication with his team & stakeholders effortless and easy to track
Foster a positive culture with all the members of Kintone, even while remote
And the best part is you can customize it to your needs with no software coding needed.
If your HR team is looking to find a software solution that will let them consolidate their data, HR tasks, and communication for an easier, more accountable work experience, you don’t want to miss this event.

Kintone Product Introduction Video