Optimized Productivity and Streamlined Operations Across Entire Sales Department

Optimized Productivity and Streamlined Operations Across Entire Sales Department

Mitsubishi Fuso

Satoshi Kawashima, Senior Manager, Mitsubishi Fuso Sales Japan CS Retail Performance Management

Challenge: Bring the Business Closer to its Customers

In Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, with nearly 200 sales offices across the country, operating activities are divided into two groups of sales: new vehicle sales and services such as vehicle inspection. In 2006, Mitsubishi Fuso’s domestic dealers consolidated and integrated with the main company, creating a new organization entirely, but remnants of the company’s past, such as old action plans, activity reports, and sales leads management tools stayed scattered across the different sales departments. Additionally, due to old habits and ad hoc reporting, status reports were inconsistent making it difficult for company leadership to accurately understand the status of the business.

Solution: Steamlined Sales and Operations with Kintone

Now, 1,300 employees nationwide use the Sales Leads Management System created on Kintone.

In this system, they evaluate their target based on client information, meeting histories, and truck ownership status and create monthly sales plans. Employees report their daily activities based on these monthly plans using dynamic analytics on Kintone.

Sales employees nationwide will centralize information within the sales leads management system built in Kintone.

When there are new negotiations, they use Kintone to update negotiation statuses. Amidst their busy schedules, sales representatives are able to complete their workflows, confirm client information, change their schedule and update statuses all from their tablets.

Kintone enables the dynamic management of information that is constantly changing. By integrating third-party research firm’s company information database, Mitsubishi Fuso was also able to filter targets more comprehensively.

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