Customer Notice

Global IP Change

Kintone Global IP address change on 6/10 requires change of server’s security filter settings if you’ve set Kintone IPs on a ‘whitelist’ for firewall and mail server.

May 10, 2017

In order to enable more flexible and optimal email traffic management to provide more high-quality service and stable communication, Kintone will change the global IP address used for its services.

With this, it may be necessary to change network equipment settings for the firewall or mail server you are using. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please take note and action immediately as necessary.

Specifically, this change will impact ONLY environments wherein:

  • Customers have placed restrictions on what IP addresses their company can access.
  • Customers have set up restrictions on what IPs their SMTP servers can receive emails from.

The global IP address used for Kintone will change on June 10th as follows.

  • Current IP address:,
  • New IP address:

Domain Influence range


Environments that needs to be addressed

Only in scenarios where the customer’s environment satisfies all of the following is correspondence required.

  • There is a network device such as a firewall or mail server that has a security filter function.
  • Customer has created the security filter setting list with “permitted global IP addresses” (whitelist)
  • Using this “whitelist”, Customer has (A) restricted the network environment that accesses, or (B) restricted the SMTP server to what IP addresses it can receive mail from.

Necessary Action to be taken

If your environment restricts IP address access via the “whitelist” per above, then you will need to do the following:

  • Add the above New IP Address to the whitelist before June 10th:
  • Remove the Old IP Addresses from the whitelist sometime between 7/8 and 7/30*:,

* We will relinquish these IP addresses on 7/30, so they may become owned by some other organization.

Immediate Impact of Inaction

  • For those with such firewall and email server restrictions, if the permitted IP address settings are not changed per above, then after 6/10, access to the Kintone service will be denied.
  • In addition, after 7/8, all email notification coming from the Kintone service will also be denied.


If you have any questions about this matter, please contact us.