Kintone’s first seeds were planted in 1997, when a team of Japanese engineers did something awesome—they quit their cushy jobs to conquer clunky office software once and for all. Cybozu, their office productivity platform, rocketed to one of the fastest IPOs in Japanese history. But Kintone was still a just a glimmer in Cybozu’s eye…

In 2011, Kintone was launched by Cybozu as its first cloud solution—it was such a success, we’ve spun off our own dedicated team. After Kintone caught fire across Japan and Asia, we set up shop in San Francisco in 2014 and continue to refine the platform for American and international organizations.  

Today, our team infuses a Japanese spirit of fun and efficiency into our global mission: making teamwork better. From vanquishing spreadsheets and setting data free, to automating tasks and getting everyone in sync, everything we do aims to make life easier, snappier, and smarter for you and your team.

Whether you’re a big ol’ enterprise with clunky business processes or a scrappy nonprofit out there saving the world, Kintone’s team is here to help yours.

Our History

  1. 2017

    Kintone continues to skyrocket, with over 7,500 companies building and deploying over 500,000 apps.

  2. 2014

    Kintone sets up shop in the U.S. of A. with a dedicated San Francisco office.

  3. 2013

    Over 1,000 companies across the world use Kintone. This is just the beginning.

  4. 2001-2012

    Kintone launches as Cybozu’s first cloud-based business app platform. The world is never the same.

  5. 2002-2005

    Cybozu’s meteoric rise makes it Japan’s #1 office productivity software.

  6. 2000

    Cybozu becomes one of the fastest companies in Japanese history to IPO—with flying colors, tons of awards, and dedicated fans.

  7. 1997

    Three Japanese engineers quit their jobs to chase a crazy dream of non-clunky office software—Cybozu is born.

Our Team

  • Osamu Yamada

    Executive Vice President & Chief Global Officer

  • Dave Landa

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Bill Kennedy

    National Sales Director

  • Laurel Kline

    Head of US Developer Network

  • Yu Tanabe

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Nicole Jones

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Brittany Wilkins

    Events Marketing Manager

  • Jana Berman

    Account Executive

  • Isabel D’Andrea

    Account Executive

  • Andrew MacLeod

    Account Executive

  • Kyle Novitsky

    Account Executive

  • Larissa Squires

    Customer Success

  • Song Duong

    Sales Operations

  • Nimrod Grinvald

    Sales Engineer

  • Thao Le

    Sales Engineer

  • Eugene Wilkinson

    Sales Account Executive

  • Taro Onodera

    System Consultant

  • Hiromi Kimura

    System Consultant

  • Yuka Ando

    Administrative Assistant

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