Made in Japan. Mastered in America.
Making teamwork work better all over the world.

Our History

Our Team

  • Osamu Yamada

    Executive Vice President & Chief Global Officer

  • Dave Landa

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Bill Kennedy

    National Sales Director

  • Laurel Kline

    Head of US Developer Network

  • Yu Tanabe

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Nicole Jones

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Taisei Chiba

    Director of Business Development

  • Brittany Wilkins

    Events Marketing Manager

  • Yohsuke Hirota

    Vice President, East Coast Division

  • Jana Berman

    Account Executive

  • Isabel D’Andrea

    Account Executive

  • Andrew MacLeod

    Account Executive

  • Kyle Novitsky

    Account Executive

  • Larissa Squires

    Customer Success

  • Chase Wymore

    Sales Development Representative

  • Alexandria Calderon

    Sales Development Representative

  • Nimrod Grinvald

    Sales Engineer

  • Eugene Wilkinson

    Sales Account Executive

  • Christian Dior De Jesus

    Growth Marketing Specialist

  • Haokun Wang

    Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Taro Onodera

    System Consultant

  • Timothy Edingfield

    NPO Community Leader

  • Hiromi Kimura

    System Consultant

  • Niki Wong

    Internal IT Specialist

  • Megumi Weider

    HR Assistant and Business Operation

  • Yuka Ando

    Administrative Assistant

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