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These add-ons help you super-charge your Kintone experience. Caution: may induce extreme productivity! Interested in developing Kintone add-ons? Check out our Developer Program!

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Enhance your Kintone experience with the powerful mobile application that allows you to work offline, upload photos with location info, customize your interface, and more.

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Automated Data Capture

by Ricoh
Easily extract data from paper, e-mail, local drive, and cloud storage documents and add it to your Kintone database.

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by Kintone
Use Box to manage files in your Kintone domain.

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Budget Tracker

The Budget Tracker Plug-in allows you to effortlessly create visual comparisons between data stored in two different apps, and updates the comparisons automatically.

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Bulk Update

The Bulk Update Plug-in allows you to quickly and easily update old data with new data at the click of a button.

Learn more about Bulk Update >

Calendar Blocks

by Kintone Labs
View your schedule as event blocks. It also adds time-zone support, color support, and easy drag-and-drop editing and rescheduling.

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Calendar plus

Calendar Plus

by Radical Bridge
A flexible calendar view to easily arrange meetings, assign colors, and manage resources.

Learn more about Calendar Plus >

CData Drivers for Kintone

by CData
Modify and manipulate your Kintone data with bidirectional, real-time access using tools like Microsoft Power BI, Visual Studio, Tableau, Excel, etc.

Learn more about CData Drivers >


Conditional Dropdown

The Conditional Dropdown Plug-in gives you the ability to show specific options relative to the selection of the previous dropdown.

Learn more about Conditional Dropdown >

Conditional Formatting

by Kintone
Change text color, background color, and text size depending on the values—or “conditions”—in the given field.

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by R3 institute
Build and deploy unique JavaScript customizations without having to write a line of code.

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Joyzo Doodle 2

Doodle 2

The Doodle Plug-in allows you to save drawings within the Kintone app. It’s as easy as going to page to edit your record, doodle, and save!

Learn more about Doodle 2 >


by Kintone
Use Dropbox to manage files in your Kintone domain.

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Kintone Connector for Domo

by Domo
Connect Kintone apps to Domo for advanced charts and data analysis.

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by Zapier

Would you like your new Evernote notes to be shared within a kintone application? Your Evernote notes can be copied to a new kintone record and associated with various other applications managing your business.

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Field Control

The Field Control Plug-in makes it easy to make certain fields in an app required or completely disabled based on specified conditions.

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Form Bridge icon

Form Bridge

Creating online surveys, questionnaires, registrations, applications, and more. Simply create your public-facing web form and map the fields to your Kintone database.

Learn more about Form Bridge >

Google Calendar - Kintone add-on

Google Calendar

by Zapier

Use your Google Calendar events data within your custom Kintone application. Google Calendar event data can be attached to client, employee, project, and other records within the Kintone platform.

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Google Cloud Identity SSO

by Google
Use Google Cloud IAM (Identity Access Management) with SAML to log into your Kintone domain.

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by Zapier

Looking for a way to supply Kintone with information from your emails? Set up this Zap and we can track everything that hits your inbox or only a specific label on Gmail. It then will trigger with every new email that arrives according to your options, adding the information as a new record on Kintone automatically and reliably.

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by Zapier

Rather than dealing with one-time imports of attendee data, use Zapier to do that admin work for you. Once you set up this HotProfile-Kintone integration, new HotProfile leads from that point forward are individually added, saving you time and effort.

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by Zapier

Would you like your new Kintone contact records automatically created within your Hubspot account? Using this Zapier integration your selected contact fields will be copied or updated within Hubspot.

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by GrapeCity
Visualize data from multiple apps in one place through informative charts and pivot tables.

Learn more about krewDashboard >


by GrapeCity
Manage a Kintone app like managing a spreadsheet. Drag-and-drop columns, aggregate rows, use Excel functions, and more!

Learn more about krewSheet >


Easily and quickly make selected data in Kintone applications viewable to clients, employees, managers, contractors or other stakeholders who do not have a Kintone user license.

Learn more about kViewer >


by Zapier

If you’ve already captured those email addresses on Kintone, there’s no need to copy them into MailChimp yourself. Set up this Zap and we’ll take over all that management, automatically adding a new subscriber to your chosen MailChimp newsletter for every new Kintone record you add moving forward.

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Microsoft Flow Connector

by Kintone
Connect Kintone to other popular services. Bonus: Powerful conditional logic.

11 Things to Know about Kintone + MS Flow

Create your own Kintone flows >

Okta SSO with Kintone

by Okta
Okta customers can use SAML to provide single sign-on for Kintone domains.

Learn more at Okta >

OneLogin SSO with Kintone

by OneLogin
Want single-sign for your Kintone domain? Use OneLogin identity management via SAML.

Learn more at OneLogin >

Print Creator

Invoice/print creator lets you quickly create custom PDF forms such as invoices, purchase orders, certifications pulling selected data directly from your Kintone applications.

Learn more about Print Creator >


by Fujisoft
Expert partner Fujisoft can build a custom QuickBooks integration for you.

Learn more about Fujisoft >


by CData
Use Tableau to visualize and analyze your Kintone data across multiple apps.
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Webmerge logo


Tutorial by Kintone

Take the data that you’re organizing in Kintone and populate various documents like contracts, invoices, agreements and more.

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by Zapier

Need an easy way to keep your site content fresh, even when you’re not around to update it? Use this Kintone-WordPress integration to link them up and we’ll do the posting for you. Once active, the automation will trigger with new records on Kintone, automatically posting the content you define on WordPress for every single one.

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Zapier Zaps

by Kintone
Connect Kintone to hundreds of other services you already use. All power; no coding.
Learn more at Zapier >

1 User Limit

by Kintone Open Source
Limit the user selection field to only one user. Useful for selecting managers or ticket requesters.

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Character Count

by Kintone Open Source
Count the total number of characters in a text area field. Does not include spaces in the final count.

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Date Input

by Kintone Open Source
Input today’s date into a date field with the single click of a button.

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Table Row Count

by Kintone Open Source
Automatically show the total number of rows in a table in a number field.

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Show Day of Week

by Kintone Open Source
Add the day of the week to the end of a date field in parenthesis.

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Default Choice Restriction

by Kintone Open Source
Prevent the user from creating a record with the default value of a Radio Button field.

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Conditional Record Count

by Kintone Open Source
Count the total number of records that have a drop-down field with a specific value and display the count in the Record List header.

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Table Numbering

by Kintone Open Source
Automatically number rows in a table after saving a record.

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Add Yourself

by Kintone Open Source
Add yourself to a user selection field without needing to edit and save the record.

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Profile Tooltip

by Kintone Open Source
Hover over a user inside of a user selection field to see profile information of that user.

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