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Automated Data Capture

by Ricoh
Easily extract data from paper, e-mail, local drive, and cloud storage documents and add it to your Kintone database.

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by Kintone
Use Box to manage files in your Kintone domain.

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Budget Tracker

The Budget Tracker Plug-in allows you to effortlessly create visual comparisons between data stored in two different apps, and updates the comparisons automatically.

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Bulk Update

The Bulk Update Plug-in allows you to quickly and easily update old data with new data at the click of a button.

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Calendar Blocks

by Kintone Labs
View your schedule as event blocks. It also adds time-zone support, color support, and easy drag-and-drop editing and rescheduling.

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CData Drivers for Kintone

by CData
Modify and manipulate your Kintone data with bidirectional, real-time access using tools like Microsoft Power BI, Visual Studio, Tableau, Excel, etc.

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Conditional Dropdown

The Conditional Dropdown Plug-in gives you the ability to show specific options relative to the selection of the previous dropdown.

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Conditional Formatting

by Kintone
Change text color, background color, and text size depending on the values—or “conditions”—in the given field.

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by R3 institute
Build and deploy unique JavaScript customizations without having to write a line of code.

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Joyzo Doodle Plugin icon


The Doodle Plug-in allows you to save drawings within the Kintone app. It’s as easy as going to page to edit your record, doodle, and save!

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by Kintone
Use Dropbox to manage files in your Kintone domain.

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Kintone Connector for Domo

by Domo
Connect Kintone apps to Domo for advanced charts and data analysis.

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Field Control

The Field Control Plug-in makes it easy to make certain fields in an app required or completely disabled based on specified conditions.

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Form Bridge icon

Form Bridge

by Cstap
Creating online surveys, questionnaires, registrations, applications, and more. Simply create your public-facing web form and map the fields to your Kintone database.

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Google Cloud Identity SSO

by Google
Use Google Cloud IAM (Identity Access Management) with SAML to log into your Kintone domain.

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by GrapeCity
Manage a Kintone app like managing a spreadsheet. Drag-and-drop columns, aggregate rows, use Excel functions, and more!

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by Cstap
Easily and quickly make selected data in Kintone applications viewable to clients, employees, managers, contractors or other stakeholders who do not have a Kintone user license.

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Microsoft Flow Connector

by Kintone
Connect Kintone to other popular services. Bonus: Powerful conditional logic.

10 Things to Know about Kintone + MS Flow

Create your own Kintone flows >

Okta SSO with Kintone

by Okta
Okta customers can use SAML to provide single sign-on for Kintone domains.

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OneLogin SSO with Kintone

by OneLogin
Want single-sign for your Kintone domain? Use OneLogin identity management via SAML.

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Print Creator

by Cstap
Invoice/print creator lets you quickly create custom PDF forms such as invoices, purchase orders, certifications pulling selected data directly from your Kintone applications.

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by Fujisoft
Expert partner Fujisoft can build a custom QuickBooks integration for you.

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by CData
Use Tableau to visualize and analyze your Kintone data across multiple apps.
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Zapier Zaps

by Kintone
Connect Kintone to hundreds of other services you already use. All power; no coding.
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1 User Limit

by Kintone Open Source
Limit the user selection field to only one user. Useful for selecting managers or ticket requesters.

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Character Count

by Kintone Open Source
Count the total number of characters in a text area field. Does not include spaces in the final count.

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Date Input

by Kintone Open Source
Input today’s date into a date field with the single click of a button.

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Table Row Count

by Kintone Open Source
Automatically show the total number of rows in a table in a number field.

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Show Day of Week

by Kintone Open Source
Add the day of the week to the end of a date field in parenthesis.

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Default Choice Restriction

by Kintone Open Source
Prevent the user from creating a record with the default value of a Radio Button field.

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Conditional Record Count

by Kintone Open Source
Count the total number of records that have a drop-down field with a specific value and display the count in the Record List header.

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Table Numbering

by Kintone Open Source
Automatically number rows in a table after saving a record.

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