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These add-ons help you super-charge your Kintone experience. Caution: may induce extreme productivity!


by Kintone
Use Box to manage files in your Kintone domain.

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by Kintone
Use Dropbox to manage files in your Kintone domain.

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Calendar Blocks

by Kintone Labs
View your schedule as event blocks. It also adds time-zone support, color support, and easy drag-and-drop editing and rescheduling.

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Conditional Formatting

by Kintone
Change text color, background color, and text size depending on the values—or “conditions”—in the given field. This displays in both the record list and record detail views.

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Custom QuickBooks (paid)

by Fujisoft
Expert partner Fujisoft can build a custom QuickBooks integration for you.

Learn more about Fujisoft >

Microsoft Flow Connector

by Kintone
Use Microsoft Flow to connect Kintone to other popular services. No code required.

10 Things to Know Before Using Kintone with MS Flow

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Zapier Zaps

by kintone
Connect Kintone to other excellent services with Zapier. All power; no coding.
Learn more at Zapier >

Google Cloud Identity SSO

by Google
Use Google Cloud IAM (Identity Access Management) with SAML to log into your Kintone domain.

Learn more at Google Cloud Platform >

Okta SSO with Kintone

by Okta
Okta customers can use SAML to provide single sign-on for Kintone domains.

Learn more at Okta >

OneLogin SSO with Kintone

by OneLogin
Want single-sign for your Kintone domain? Use OneLogin identity management via SAML.

Learn more at OneLogin >

FormCreator (paid)

by Cstap
Creating online surveys, questionnaires, registrations, applications, and more. Simply create your public-facing web form and map the fields to your Kintone database.

Learn more about FormCreator >

kViewer (paid)

by Cstap
Easily and quickly make selected data in Kintone applications viewable to clients, employees, managers, contractors or other stakeholders who do not have a Kintone user license.

Learn more about kViewer >

Print Creator (paid)

by Cstap
Invoice/print creator lets you quickly create custom PDF forms such as invoices, purchase orders, certifications pulling selected data directly from your Kintone applications.

Learn more about Print Creator >

Budget Tracker (paid)

The Budget Tracker Plug-in allows you to effortlessly create visual comparisons between data stored in two different apps, and updates the comparisons automatically.

Learn more about Budget Tracker >

Bulk Update (paid)

The Bulk Update Plug-in allows you to quickly and easily update old data with new data at the click of a button.

Learn more about Bulk Update >

Conditional Dropdown (paid)

The Conditional Dropdown Plug-in gives you the ability to show specific options relative to the selection of the previous dropdown.

Learn more about Conditional Dropdown >

Field Control (paid)

The Field Control Plug-in makes it easy to make certain fields in an app required or completely disabled based on specified conditions.

Learn more about Field Control >

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