Intro to Kintone

What can you do with Kintone?

Kintone is a customizable workplace platform that organizes your team’s data, workflows, and conversations in one centralized place for a more streamlined work experience.

Effectively track all your data from one central place

Use our no-code drag-and-drop interface to create your own custom database applications that track all the data you want. Whether it’s sales leads, customer quotes, or inventory management, you can organize it in Kintone and view it all from our centralized workplace platform.

Improve collaboration by linking conversations to data

No more hunting through your inbox or chat messages for information and files—or even conversations. Kintone’s collaboration tools let you organize your conversations by topic, project, or even by record, making it easy to refer back to past team discussions and decisions.

Give your workflows much-needed structure and visibility

Create the custom workflows you want, then track a project or task’s progress, every step of the way. Kintone’s workflow tools make it easy to spot bottlenecks or see opportunities to reduce redundancies for a more streamlined work experience.

Integrate with your existing tools for a seamless work experience

Maximize Kintone’s functionality with APIs or integrations with the third-party services you rely on for other parts of your business. Browse our library of 100+ integrations to find what you need.

Keep your team on the same page with Kintone’s Spaces

Think of Spaces like a floor in your company’s building set aside just for your team. They’re digital “floors” in Kintone where your team can organize, manage, and track everything that matters to them—from tasks and deadlines to weekly reports and project conversations.

Stay on top of your work from anywhere

Kintone’s mobile app means you can access every part of your work from just about anywhere (if you’ve got an internet connection). Easily stay up to date on a running conversation, add new data from the field, or approve a task that needs your sign-off.