Inventory, pricing, and sales. Anywhere you go, anytime you need them.

You’re not selling Pogs and Koosh balls anymore—so why hamstring your retail operation with dated tech? Kintone is a powerful, flexible management system that can handle everything from inventory to customer relationships. With Kintone, all the apps you need to stay all-systems-go are in the same place—and each one is fully customizable. Best of all, Kintone lives in the cloud, so you can access your data from any device, any store location, or even from the comfort of your bed.


Master of All Trades

Whether you’re checking inventory or managing the supply chain, Kintone has you covered.


On Your Desk, At the Store, In Your Pocket

You can access Kintone’s cloud-based platform and apps from any computer or device.


Under Lock and Key

You wouldn’t leave your inventory unattended. Keep your data just as safe with granular, customizable permissions.


Custom, Cloud-Based CRM

Don’t let another sales lead slip through the cracks. With Kintone’s cloud-based CRM, you can close more deals faster.

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    Let bygones be bygones

    Let’s face it: legacy systems for inventory and shipping just weren’t built for the connected, mobile world we live in today. Start over with something that is. Kintone’s no 90s kid—it was born in the cloud and built for modern businesses.

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    More insights than you can shake a stick at

    You don’t have to be a tech wizard to derive super smart insights from your data. With Kintone, you can convert your spreadsheets into live apps and react at lightning speed to trends and pricing changes with real-time analytics and reporting.

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    Workflows that actually flow

    Say sayonara to silos. Kintone’s task-driven workflows help you streamline the back office with custom apps—with no coding required. You’ll have access to easily configurable databases with drag-and-drop functionality, plus automatic notifications, reminders, and assignments.

Here’s how Kintone works

Use drag-and-drop to create the database apps you want

Your sales team needs a CRM app, the accounting team an expense reporting app, while marketing wants a content calendar.

Kintone lets you build business apps for any work task or process using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Expand Kintone’s capabilities with a wide variety of extensions

Upgrade your Kintone experience with one of many third-party integration services, including a wide selection of APIs and plugins.

Whether it’s connecting Kintone to your other systems or doing more to visualize your data, our library of extensions give you even more options.

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