Peace out, point solutions.

Tired of single-use point solutions that promise the moon but leave you with less money and more problems? Switch to Kintone, the one-size-fits-all tool for smarter sales management, app development, form creation, and just about anything else. Plus, cloud-based mobility means Kintone is the perfect traveling partner.


Unleash Your Data’s Potential

Dynamic reporting and custom analytics dashboards mean you can measure the KPIs that truly make a difference.


Break Up with Spreadsheets

Kintone’s automatic spreadsheet conversion makes it easier than ever to ditch aging, bloated tech.


Personalized Sales Experiences

Your customers already know how to travel. Now you can configure your CRM to match their unique journeys.


Make Their Devices Ding

Send automatic notifications and assignments to anyone on your internal team with a single click or tap.

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    A CRM with a yogi’s flexibility

    Follow your customers from point A to point Z with a seamless front end experience. Kintone’s built-in CRM tools are so adaptable, they’re practically in the lotus position.

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    Custom apps, tailored to your business

    Wherever your niche fits into the hospitality landscape, Kintone can help you make the apps and tools that push your business forward with easy, no-code development.

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    A global passport to your data

    Kintone works on any device, any time, in any part of the world. So no matter how far you’re traveling, you can rest easy knowing that your apps, tools, forms, and sales data are always just a swipe away.

Here’s how Kintone works

Use drag-and-drop to create the database apps you want

Your sales team needs a CRM app, the accounting team an expense reporting app, while marketing wants a content calendar.

Kintone lets you build business apps for any work task or process using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Expand Kintone’s capabilities with a wide variety of extensions

Upgrade your Kintone experience with one of many third-party integration services, including a wide selection of APIs and plugins.

Whether it’s connecting Kintone to your other systems or doing more to visualize your data, our library of extensions give you even more options.

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