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Expense Report

Quick and simple expense report solution for any business.

Use this app to submit itemized expense reports, streamline expense processing workflow, and keep a record of past expenses.

Submit Your Expense Report

Submit new expense reports with detailed categorization and attachment of receipts and invoices. This template enables employees to submit detailed expense reports quickly and automatically assigns the reports to the corresponding team member to process. Whether the report needs to go through several approval process or goes directly to the finance department, it’s hassle-free for the employees as everything is structured and automated.

Expense Management and Processing

Streamline the internal approval processes with Expense Report. Keep track of the status of each report and manage the workflow by defining who to process the report and manage the status of the report. Customizing the process is easy with branch criteria and setting up if any/all team members assigned needs to take action.

Easy-to-View Expense Management

Use the Expense Report app template to easily manage your records. Access saved filtered views to access the list of reports you submitted or asked to process. Graphs can also be saved which provides easy access to everyone, and periodical reports can be sent to the team automatically.

Stop worrying about keeping track of your expenses and spend more time on your business. Try out our Expense Report app now for an easy and simple solution!

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