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Equipment Management

Our Equipment Management application helps you keep track of your assets without any hassle.

Use this application to manage detailed records on your equipment, to track the placement of your equipment, and to make future reservations for using the equipment.

Start saving time managing your key assets with the cloud solution accessible from any device. Customizing the app based on your requirements made easy with Kintone’s visual app editor.

Simple Equipment Management

Organize your equipment by setting up categories for each item. Select a category to filter out and view a specific item from the category list for easy comprehension.

Set up specific views and filter through the unwanted items in the list to only show what matters to you at the moment.

Customizable Fields

The template gives you a jump start to managing equipment in a centralized and efficient way. The fields can be customized by the drag-and-drop visual app editor to fit your needs.

Manage Reservations

Quickly check the current reservation on a specific item in the top page of the app under the Placement History column.

Change the status and assignee of the placement on the spot by editing the equipment record and changing the option in the drop-down window.

Try out the Equipment Management app now for headache-free management of your assets!

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