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Build and modify custom software applications that streamline your workflows for maximum efficiency with Kintone, no IT or third-party developer required.

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On average, it takes new Kintone customers less than one month to go live on Kintone.

It takes nine months for the average Kintone customer to see an ROI, roughly half the time it takes for similar SaaS platforms.

Of customers rated Kintone “easy to use” in a third-party report. 92% also emphasized Kintone’s “quality of support” during and after going live.

Kintone Customer Story McCormick - workflow management, workforce solutions, hr management, rapid application development, rapid app, web rapid application development

McCormick Distillery

Using No-Code Apps to Streamline Age-Old Operations

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Kintone Customer Story AscendWare - rapid application development, rapid app, web rapid application development


Crafting Custom SaaS Solutions That Answer the Why, What, and How of Business

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Bandwave Systems

How Bandwave Systems Switched to a Smarter, More Agile Database

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Kintone Customer Story - Calabash - John+and+Matt


Why Calabash Relies on Kintone to Develop Employee-Focused Business Solutions

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Magma Digital

Magma Digital Helps Clients Scale With Kintone

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Integrations & Extensions

Integrations and extensions help you super-charge your Kintone experience. To use, download the extensions and import them into your Kintone domain. Then, add them to any of your apps. Caution: may induce extreme productivity!

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Pre-Built Applications

1,000+ new applications are being built and deployed every day by customers and Kintone. Use the library of template applications to help you get started right away.

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