How to log in

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How to login via URL:

To login, you’ll need to visit the unique web domain your account Administrator selected when your account was set up, like


I forgot my login details:

Standard User

Can’t recall your web domain?
Please contact your account Administrator for your login information.

Forgot email or password?
1. Go to your subdomain login page, click the Help link on the upper right.
You will get a conditional response:
A. If your account Administrator has allowed you to reset your password, you will be prompted to enter your account email address to begin your password reset process.
B. If your account Administrator does not allow you to reset your password, you will be redirected to a Help page that instructs you to contact your account Administrator.


Can’t recall your web domain?
1. Go to the Kintone Store login page here.
2. Log in with your email address and password.
3. You will see your web domain login page under Service Usage view.

Forgot email or password?
A. If there are multiple Administrators, you can ask another Administrator in the system to reset your login name or reset your password.
B. But if you are the only Administrator, then you need to reset the Administrator password through the Kintone Store. To do this:
1. Go to the Kintone Store login page here.
2. Click on the “Forgot Email Address or Password” link
3. Enter your email address and follow the instructions from the email you receive.