Claims Management

Use Kintone’s automated claims filing and management process to gain instant visibility over every claim in your backlog.

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Streamline your processes – staying ahead of the curve

Stay in control, don’t let the claims control you. Leverage the workflow set up by Kintone to stay cool in a heated situation – collaborate with other Kintone app to further stay ahead of the pack.

Always evolve, never be lost

Solutions that work only for a period of time is a thing of the past. Kintone’s highly customize-able solution  keeps evolving like how your business does throughout time. Never worry about the future and focus on the present.

Optimize your business – less hassle, more collaboration

Never scramble for data with Kintone. Hunting down data is a thing of the past with our cloud-based database solution. Want more time to achieve greatness? Easily get your data across teams with Kintone.

Cargo Claims, Logistics


Kintone Makes Cargo Claims as Easy as Possible

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Integration & Extensions

Integrations and extensions help you super-charge your Kintone experience. To use, download the extensions and import them into your Kintone domain. Then, add them to any of your apps. Caution: may induce extreme productivity!

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Pre-Built Applications

1,000+ new applications are being built and deployed every day by customers and Kintone. Use the library of template applications to help you get started right away.

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