Generate and Save Custom Forms within the Kintone Record

New JavaScript for Print Creator


Improve your productivity with the Print Creator add-on. With the new feature, Print Creator not just enables users to automate the form creation process, but also keeps a record of the PDF file within the database.

Without the JavaScript

Previously when you wanted to save a PDF file, it was done by manually saving the file onto your local drive once, then uploading the file onto Kintone. Clicking the Output button created a preview of the file in a new browser tab, which had to be printed as a PDF file in order to save it on your computer.

Bulk Save Data to PDF files with the new JavaScript
Previously when making a PDF, you needed to click the Output button
Output data in PDF format in the browser an easy PDF Creator
After pressing Output, a new tab opens up in the browser with a preview of the record

Using the JavaScript, you can now save time by automating the process of creating PDF files and save it on the record in bulk so you can access it anytime you want.


How to save documents using the new Print Creator JavaScript

When generating and saving a PDF file onto Kintone, you are saving the record in a PDF file onto Kintone’s database rather than outputting the PDF file onto a computer or an external network.

Start off by dropping down the “Select-the Field to Save” tab and selecting the field of saving the file to “Attachments”

How to Save data in PDF on Kintone
Select this field to choose where to save the PDF file

After selecting Attachments, the third drop-down window pops up to select the settings in which the PDF documents will be saved. Notice how the text in the orange button changes from Output to Save.

Selecting the PDF file name to save on Kintone
Select the name of the PDF file

Here you can choose the file name by selecting one of the preexisting categories from the reference database as the title.

Java Script in progress of saving PDF file
In progress pop-up

Once you press the Output button, a pop up will appear indicating that the JavaScript is processing the PDF file followed by another pop up from the browser indicating that the JavaScript is done the processing. Since this is a JavaScript-based add-on, leaving the browser page in the middle of the process will terminate the progress.

Indication of Successful creation of PDF file

After you successfully saved the record within Kintone as a PDF file, you will be able to access them by clicking on the link.

Bulk save documents

Another powerful trick is to use Print Creator to bulk save multiple records resulting in multiple PDF files saved at once.

Bulk Save Data to PDF files with the new JavaScript
Create PDF by filling out the drop-down, see the results in the Attachment column

You can easily check the Created PDF and other attachments to each record under the Attachment column.


Voila! Now you’re powered with the knowledge to use Print Creator and up your productivity!


How to set up Print Creator

Now you know how to use Print Creator and its powers, you’re itching to start using it right? Well, no worries, setting up Print Creator is easy!


First, you need to get the JavaScript URL from the link below. Copy the URL from this link

URL to the new JavaScript for Print Creator
JavaScript URL

Next, you will have to paste the copied URL in the application setting page of the app you want to use Print Creator on. Go to the JavaScript and CSS Customization tab, and paste the JavaScript in the 2nd text field for each device type.

Setting up and customizing the JavaScript in the app settings
Copy the URL in the 2nd field

 When setting up the JavaScript configuration, just be careful of:

  • That if you are using the Print Creator plug-in, this JavaScript will not work. This function is only available for people using Print Creator as a JavaScript
  • Make sure that the JavaScript that you are already in use comes to the top, and the new JavaScript that you will be adding goes on the bottom of the text fields inside the configuration page.
Proper placement of the JavaScript
Always follow the order

  • When using other JavaScript, the behavior of Print Creator and its success will not be guaranteed
  • Use for this Plug-in JavaScript is outside of support warranty

Try out Print Creator now with a free 30-day trial.