Enhance your Kintone experience with the powerful mobile application that allows you to work offline, customize your interface, and more

Work Offline

AppsME saves the data on Kintone apps which enables you to view, save, edit, delete and enter data even while offline. Data entered offline is automatically synced when the device connects to the internet.


Upload Photos with Location Info

Take and upload photos with location info attached. You will know exactly where the photo was taken. The photos can also be compressed to upload photos quickly and save storage.

Save Handwritten Signatures and Notes

The handwritten input panel function allows you to save what your drawings.

Setup Permissions

Display only the fields that is required for field workers for an easy and simple data entry experience.

Customize Your Interface

Do you have a paper-based template that your organization or industry needs to stick to? You can customize the data entry interface however you want to. (Web Design Tool option is needed for this customization.)



The AppsMe works together with the Kintone Connector.


  • $9/user/month (annual contract, 5 users minimum)

Kintone Connector

  • $42/subdomain/month (annual contract)