JOYZO Field Control

Control required or disabled fields based on certain conditions with the Field Control Plug-in

The Field Control Plug-in makes it easy to make certain fields in an app required or completely disabled based on specified conditions. It’s as easy as selecting whether to require or disable a certain field, and then selecting the conditions that should be true for this to happen. Require a checkbox to be checked if today is within a week of a due date, or disable a T-shirt color field if the selected style only has one color. The possibilities are endless!


  • Make a field required or disabled depending on the value of a trigger field
  • Combine multiple conditions that must be true for the plug-in to take effect
  • Most field types may be used as conditions, including process management status and lookup fields
  • Disable editing functionality by clearing the value of a disabled field, or setting a default value


  • In a product order app, where the expected delivery date must be filled in when a product has been ordered
  • In a billing management app, where you want to prohibit changing a requested amount field when the billing is already completed
  • In a ticket management app, where the price of the ticket changes, or the necessity of a price field changes, depending on how the ticket was purchased


View setup guide [PDF 1.7 MB]


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$30/month per subdomain (annual contract)

Purchase 3 JOYZO plug-ins for $60/month per subdomain  (annual contract)

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