Conditional Dropdown Examples

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This is a service ticket app that uses the conditional dropdown to choose which local service agent or international team a certain ticket should go to if it is out-of-warranty.

  1. The first category only contains “In-warranty” and “Out-of-warranty”. When “In-warranty” is selected, only “None” is shown for the next two categories.

    Condition: In-Warranty

    Conditional Dropdown use case
    Conditional Dropdown use case

  2. When “Out-of-warranty” is selected, the “Service agent or outside of US” category shows the names of the local service agents, and “Outside of US”. If a service agent is selected, the next category only shows “None”.

    Condition: Out-of-Warranty

    Conditional Dropdown use case
    Conditiona Dropdown use case

  3. When “Out-of-warranty” and then “Outside of US” is selected, the final “International Team” category shows the locations of the various international teams that can be chosen.

    Condition: Out-of-Warrany | Outside US

    Conditional dropdown use case


  • When new selections have been added, make sure to make a new record for them in the master app.

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