JOYZO Conditional Dropdown

Help classify your records and keep them organized with the Conditional Dropdown Plug-in

Keep apps neat and tidy with the ability to classify records with powered-up dropdown fields. The Conditional Dropdown Plug-in injects conditional logic enhanced dropdown fields into your app, that when set up will show specific options relative to the selection of the previous dropdown. Especially great for product lists and ticket apps!


  • Set of up to three dropdowns that rely on the previous dropdown selection when deciding which options to show
  • Toggle the third dropdown on and off as needed
  • Organize large amounts of data easily


  • In an inventory management app where products have classifications such as size and color
  • In a customer management app where selection of location is based on state, then country, and then city
  • In a service ticket app with warranty statuses and types of possible problems


View setup guide [PDF 2.7 MB]


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$30/month per subdomain (annual contract)

Purchase 3 JOYZO plug-ins for $60/month per subdomain  (annual contract)

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