Bulk Update Tutorial

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We’re going to change a trainer named “Taro Onodera” in this Dog Database app to a new trainer named “Niki Wong”.

  1. First, we’ll log into the domain as a user who has been given permission to use the bulk update plug-in in the Dog Database app.
  2. Next, we’ll filter the displayed records to show only those in which the Trainer user selection field is set to “Taro Onodera”.
    Bulk Update Plug-in Filter Record
  3. In the filtered view, click “Bulk Update”.
    Bulk Update Plugin Click
  4. Select the field that you’d like to bulk update on the left and enter in the value you’d like to update with on the right. Click “Bulk Update” to start the update.
    Bulk Update Plugin Value
  5. Read the confirmation, and when you’re ready, click “Bulk Update” again to continue.
    Bulk Update Plugin Confirmation
  6. The field has now been updated with the new value.
    Bulk Update Plugin Updated


  • Make sure to filter the displayed records to show only those you want to update.
  • We recommend backing up the app data as a CSV file first before going through with the update just in case.
  • Entering in a user or group that does not exist to a user selection or group selection field will result in a blank field after the update.
  • The following field types cannot be bulk updated:
    • A lookup field
    • A field that has been filled in from a lookup
    • A field inside of a table
  • To update a user selection field, group selection field, or department selection field, you must enter in the login name, group code, or department code into the new value box (ex: to update a user selection field to Niki Wong, NikiW must be inputted into the new value box for the bulk update.

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