JOYZO Bulk Update

Update multiple records at once with the Bulk Update Plug-in

The Bulk Update Plug-in allows you to quickly and easily update old data with new data at the click of a button. Simply choose the records you want to update with a filter or view, choose the fields to update and enter their new values, and then click the update button. It’s that easy, and you’ll never have to edit and save individual records over and over again!


  • Update as many fields in a record as you need to, all at once, for as many records as necessary
  • Can update all records or specific records by using a filtered view
  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • Able to restrict use to designated departments or individuals

Use Cases

  • An account executive takes over all of the previous account executive’s assigned records
  • The company is reorganized, and department names/groups have changed, so records with the old department names/groups need to be updated
  • A constant in a calculation has changed, such as tax or pricing, and needs to be edited in many records


View the Bulk Update installation guide [PDF 1.7 MB]


See the full tutorial with images >


$30/month per subdomain (annual contract)

Purchase 3 JOYZO plug-ins for $60/month per subdomain  (annual contract)

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