JOYZO Budget Tracker

Visualize and compare targets to actual results at a glance with the Budget Tracker Plug-in

The Budget Tracker Plug-in allows you to effortlessly create visual comparisons between data stored in two different apps, and updates the comparisons automatically. You will just need an app with target data such as a budget, sales goals, etc. and an app to record actual data in. By linking the two, you will get a set of three charts to compare the two data sets with, allowing you to visualize the status of your actual results to your goals.


  • Set of three comparison charts: a bar chart, a stacked bar chart, and a table
  • Quickly and easily see where actual results stand compared to budgets or goals
  • Choose any combination of the three to be displayed at a time with check boxes that toggle the charts on and off
  • Visualize data even further with an optional second level of data grouping


  • See how close a team is to making their targets in terms of dollar amounts or other units
  • See how much of a budget has been used or is left


View setup guide [PDF 1.2 MB]


See the full tutorial with images >


$30/month per subdomain (annual contract)

Purchase 3 JOYZO plug-ins for $60/month per subdomain  (annual contract)

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